Love comforts tragedy

"I never promised you a rose garden. I never promised you perfect justice . . .The only reality I offer is challenge, and being well is being free to accept it or not at whatever level you are capable. I never promise lies, and the rose-garden world of perfection is a lie"

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August 9, 2012 / 3 notes

#phantom of the opera #movie #emmy rossum #gerard butler
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#emmy rossum #phantom of the opera #too fucking gorgeous
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#phantom of the opera #point of no return #movie #emmy rossum #gerard butler
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#phantom of the opera #movie #emmy rossum #gerard butler #epic #musical
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During the worst of my eating disorder, I was in love with Phantom of the Opera and became victim to the inevitable.  I compared myself to the lovely actress, Emmy Rossum who played the main role, Christine.  It was my goal to look as wonderfully beautiful and thin as her. 
It has been a few months now that I’ve realized that I had glamorized her during my eating disorder and that I unfairly wrote her off as another possible anorexic.  She was very young when she filmed Phantom (a.k.a still probably growing and maturing physically) and nowadays has a curvy, yet still thin, body.  And she is still beautiful, even with her hips (not large at all).  She also, according to Wikipedia (because I’m a girl with too much time on her hands) supports eating disorder awareness. 
Just a confession I thought I’d share because it was kind of swimming in my mind.
#phantom of the opera #emmy rossum #eating disorder #recovery #thin #healthy #confession
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